Additional Services

Addtional Services

Website Design

Hosting and Design

Everyone wants to have a successful event. For your event marketing, you might be using free sites and/or social media like Facebook and Twitter. However to look extra professional, you should have your own site that you can control, update and attract new clients and customers.

We can assist you and get you your own website. It can be a landing page, a gateway to buy your event ticket or a full fledge website. Our web department is ready to impress you and your clients with a great website.

Hosting on AWS

$150.00 per Year | $250.00 SSL

Website building & Maintenance
1 Page (Landing) $150
3 Page $275
5 Page $425
$75 per hour for maintenance and edits. If you are a Ticketing/Events App customer you get a discounted rate of $35 per hour

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